Career Killer

And the wonderful audition nightmares continue.

An actress emailed me about six times during the day Friday begging for a chance to audition for a role we had open this week.

An actor screwed us by bailing out of his role 24 hours before the shoot, so we made it clear anyone submitting, they would have until that evening to submit an audition video.

No excuses, no second chances.

So, after finally emailing her the dialog on Friday afternoon, she was reminded I needed a demo within a few hours.


At midnight I get an email from her stating she had fallen asleep, and “did not get around to it”.

She then complained that the notice was “Way late”, in other words, I did NOT give her a fair shot to audition for the role.

It was, for all intents, my fault she fell asleep before doing her damn job.

Wow. Really? IS it my fault you don’t have what it takes?

Honey, many of the folks now working for me could do an audition within an hour.

This past week, a young lady snuck into the boardroom of her day job to do an audition, and she got the role.

Do not ask for opportunities then make excuses for why you did not take advantage of those opportunities.




The Un-United States

The American people are not children who need to be talked down to or made to feel as though they need to be scolded or taught a lesson.

The President is not our BOSS and we are the ones who have the ability to FIRE him. he is our employee, not the other way around.

We did not elect a king, or emperor, or master of time and space. We elected a President.

The constitution applies to all of us equally, even the newly elected president.

There are three branches or government, the judicial, the legislative and the executive. They do not operate independently. That’s called checks and balances.

A successful president is one who explains to the people what his intentions are, and then CONSULTS with the people before he executes those intentions.

It does not mean he has to divulge secret details, or even change his mind, but an explanation on an unexpected or controversial action can go a long way in keeping people from being very very pissed off.

When you execute major legal, civil and ethical actions over night and then just throw them out there, why would you not expect a knee-jerk reaction?

We are partners in this thing called America. The sooner our “leader” gets this memo, the sooner we can stop all the yelling and fighting and get this place called AMERICA back on track.

That’s all for now.


Actor’s Boot camp! You need to be there!

THE CINEMA LEXZIKON ACTOR’S BOOT CAMP!11224149_10205109479271295_7189927500986206647_n


Saturday, Feb 4, 2017, at the Sharonville Cultural arts center.
Sharonville Cultural Arts Center
11165 Reading Rd.
Sharonville, OH 45241
4 pm to 8 pm!

TICKETS ARE $49 and can be purchased at our website


We accept payments through Paypal or Google Pay.

Cinema Lexzikon
PO BOX 360733
Columbus, Ohio 43236

If the venue and times are changed, we’ll let you know. If the event is canceled, you’ll get an immediate and full refund.
Here are some details:

Each year, millions of spring actors submit auditions to casting directors. One in ten gets it right. The other 9 continue to make mistakes that cost them time and money.

While casting agents can offer you the opportunity to audition, they cannot always show you how to properly present yourself to producers, directors, and film companies.

William Lee, CEO of Cinema Lexzikon productions, is an award-winning film producer/writer/director whose film 3 Knee Deep spent 19 weeks at the top of the Red Box action film chart in 2016. His films Code Black and Demons rising are also worldwide film releases, available in rental stores and every online and big box retailer in the world.

His current film “Straight Outta’ H8” is pending release by Redbox in 2017, and he is currently working on “6 Feet Below Hell”, a high action zombie film.

For more than 40 years, Lee has guided actors to successful careers by using common sense and straightforward business advice. That advice teaches actors to understand acting as a business, not just an art form.

If you think talent alone is going to get you noticed, then you really need to attend this seminar.

This seminar will cover:
How to prepare an audition video that gets you noticed—Understanding contracts—Avoiding rip-offs—Acting in Union and Non-Union films—Why talent is not the biggest factor in getting a role—Why you should avoid extras work at all costs—and Going to L.A. and becoming fabulous, famous or homeless.

Actors will also be asked to do cold reads, and participate in group activities to practice the techniques Mr. Lee will present to you.


EVERYONE GETS A CINEMA LEXZIKON SWAG PACKAGE, with memorabilia from past films and events.

And A FEW lucky TICKET HOLDERS get a copy of the RedBox DVD for 3 KNEE DEEP.

And a special exclusive screening of our next Redbox hit STRAIGHT OUTTA’ H8!!



Here’s more info in this video:

Trump..Twitter…oh boy.

Funny during his 8 years in office, Mister Obama got called every word in the book, including the N Word and never once did he get into a twitter fight with people who put that garbage out there.
Please Mister Trump,there is an old saying that goes “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it!” You trashed every politician, Republican and Democrat who ran against you.
  You won.
Be the adult in the room, enjoy your victory and go do the damn job you were elected to do.
This country is based on free speech, and just because someone even remotely offends you doesn’t give you the right to make them out to be un-American on an enemy of the state.
Please, if i missed the announcement that Joe McCarthy and his anti-commie crew was back for a second round, please let me know!I
I mean, do you honestly have the time to take on every american citizen who disagrees with your world view? When will you have time to solve the medical crisis, oil prices, wars in the middle east, poverty, crime, violence, corporate entitlements, infrastructure–RACISM?
How about the WALL you said you were going to have the Mexicans pay for, and now you want us regular Joe’s to foot that bill? You said you were going to REPEAL Obama care, but wait: now it’s reform, then it’s adjust, now it’s, no damn idea!
I don’t give two craps about what some actress thinks about you sir, but it’s her right to voice her opinion. And instead of just staying above the fray, you engage her by calling her a bad actress? Really? REALLY?
Dude, this ain’t high school!! Perhaps you’d better start worrying about what the Koreans and Chinese are going to say about you. what will your response be? “Bring it on?”.
Can’t wait for the explosive result of that cluster fuck.


    Here’s the bottom line, then I have to move on from this political shit.

I have always believed in having a balanced opinion about issues. That pisses some people off, especially my acquaintances who hold far leaning views on either liberal or conservative sides. Look we may be friends, but I am not going to put aside my beliefs to keep “friends” happy. After all, I have to live with myself.
I believe everyone in this world has a right to an opinion, but I do not believe everyone has a right to be an arrogant ass who inflicts harm on others, in order to get their point across.

I believe in the right to protest, and my protest has always been against injustice in this world, no matter who is perpetrating it.

While I did not vote for either of the two candidates, I have always felt we should acknowledge the winner and move on, no matter how much I thought it sucked.

The person elected President has never been a force that affected my daily life. Furthermore, I may think our current elected President is the scum of the earth, but I also know that until he takes office and performs his duties, I cannot judge him AS PRESIDENT.

I believe the system needed a shake up from someone who was not a political hack, much of what Mister Trump talked about, including another look at the possible conspirators behind 9/11 was a positive move against a dangerous shadow government. However, Mister Trump’s good ideas are always “trumped” by his abusive language and behavior. In short, the right idea, the wrong man for the job, in my opinion.

What is most glaring is that Republicans don’t seem to realize they do not have a Republican President.

While liberals are worried about the next four years, I’d say the Republican party is in for a few surprises as well. Look at his track record. Dude was a supporter of a woman’s right to choose, he supported the Clinton campaign, and a lot of his friends and acquaintances were from the left. It’s interesting that this fact has been ignored for the most part.

Give it some time.

For some reason, we all seem to make it through four or eight years of a Presidential figurehead. Hell, I survived Reagan. I think you guys will be just fine.

Furthermore, the other candidate carried a multitude of personal and professional issues that could not be ignored, and should not be glossed over in trying to paint a picture of us versus them. Look at the record without the rose-colored glasses of your political leanings, and you will see that while she did not carry herself in such an offensive manner as did the new President, you’d have to be extremely naive to believe she IS without fault.

Her unlikeability factor, tied in with her status as one of the establishment’s elites was a death knell from day one.

Fake smiles, scripted speeches, pollical answers, and the unwillingness to admit personal fault are the earmarks of of someone who is unwilling to change. Less political answers and more genuine compassion and understanding for people who are pissed off at what you represent, is the way to win an election.

She didn’t get it.

Her campaign behavior is full of clear signs that nothing has changed inside the beltway. Indeed, she was and is part of the establishment that has made American lives a living hell.

In the end, the election is over, we got what we got. Deal with it.

Asking for recounts is a pipe dream. Move on. Love your families, respect your neighbors, protest peacefully and work for change within the political system. And maybe four years from now, you will figure out that the two political parties you keep putting in power are NOT THE ANSWER to our society and its problems. But really, I think we’ll be right back here, with half of you backing your “puppet” and the other backing the other puppet. THE SYSTEM is fixed. Repeating the same mistake will never fix it.

Doesn’t make one damn bit of difference to me. I have come to realize one thing, and it has always reflected my beliefs and how I think and feel. This speech was given by John F. Kennedy, and it is what I truly feel. Anything else is useless banter.

“Our problems are manmade; therefore, they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings. Man’s reason and spirit have often solved the seemingly unsolvable, and we believe they can do it again…And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s futures. And we are all mortal.”–John F. Kennedy



Say Goodbye to the Bad Guy

God, I hope this is the last political rant I have to post on this blog. It’s time to get back to movies.  Anyway, here goes.


Donald Trump’s biggest enemy is not Hillary. It’s his own party.

After the VP debate this week, I think there was a rude awakening that Pence represented the views of the GOP far more effectively than Trump. So now, we have the GOP leaking stories about how they plan to dump Trump, and they’re not wasting time either. This morning I saw a GOP ad with a Hispanic “voter” who said he was voting REPUBLICAN on all races, but the glaring omission was that he did not once mention Donald. Here’s the deal peeps…….

      As you know, I have no dog in this fight. Each side is equally as opportunistic, and most assuredly each side has more than enough dirt in their broom closets to make them reprehensible to most middle of the road Americans. But it is what it is. He (or she) who possesses the best bag of tricks wins in this corrupt political system we have. Trump is doomed because political insiders do not like him, and the most important group of those insiders are Republicans. He is not the candidate the GOP boy’s club wanted, and this most recent misstep is going to be blown up into a full tilt abandonment of the Trump ocean liner.

There is a need for a candidate who is not part of the system to buck the process. Someone who does not play games, shoots straight, and has compassion for the needs of ALL the people. While Trump,in part, certainly qualifies in this regard, he is not the vessel for this kind of political change. As a new Yorker, I see his game. Shoot straight, tell em like it is, and if they don’t like it, fuck ’em! Sometimes when you decide to “fuck ’em” you get fucked.

To help people, you gotta’ respect people.

And while Hillary disrespects some people, she’s better at not saying it in public or in front of cameras.

That’s the game. Play by the rules or lose.



Get off my lawn..and my Facebook page!

Okay, I’m going to State this and then I’m going to let this sit right here and people can deal with it or they can move on. When I post stuff on my  FACEBOOK page I try to keep a fair and balanced opinion of both sides. I mean, not like Fox news, I mean really fair and balanced.

Unfortunately I will once in a while hear from SOME of my so-called friends on Facebook, who want to state their opinion. These “friends” are the ones who friended me years ago, but have never given me the time of day, even ignoring a simple birthday wish, or how dee do. Now, they see me post an opinion about an issue they feel deeply about, and now they’re posting their contrary opinions all over my page and causing a brush fire with other friends who actually are friends with me.

But it goes from stating an opinion, to jamming it down my throat, and disrespecting me on my own page. In fact, these friends believe their take on the subject  is the only correct viewpoint on a particular subject. They will have their say! They will have the last word! They will prove me wrong!

I am open to discussion, I am not, however, open to getting your opinions forced down my throat. Especially when you’re fucking wrong, bitch.

Over the past few weeks we have seen videos posted about cops doing bad things. While I believe this is not reflective of the entire police force of this country I do believe there is a major problem. Fascism is a state where the police and the government basically make up the rules as they go along. You jump left they tell you to jump right. You say blue they say black.    Now while I do not believe the United States is in itself a fascist country, some of the methods being used by some police, and I said some police, are truly reflective of a fascist State of Mind. Additionally, over the past week or so some so-called friends who rarely post anything and in fact have not posted anything on my page for years all of a sudden come out of the woodwork and are trying to imply that every time the police do something it’s just fine and dandy! Damn! Why didn’t I think of that!

WELL excuse me for being an ignorant mother fucker! From what I can see there are a lot of American citizens who are being needlessly harassed and killed by police officers who have taken the law into their own hands!! In many cases, doing what an officer says doesn’t work out so well. There’s the recent story of the cop who raped more than a dozen black women, in lieu of hitting them with a ticket. How about people who try to exercise their constitutional rights regarding search and seizure, but are beaten, or have their homes besieged by  a wonderful police home invasion without probable cause. Happens every day, and people like this did exactly what the law required.

I simply find it incredible that someone can get on my fucking page tell me that all you have to do is “do what the police say” and everything will be okay!

If indeed “doing with the police say” is the solution to police brutality,  why are there hundreds of videos where cops are going batshit crazy, beating the hell out of somebody who is totally defenseless, sometime in handcuffs, sometimes with several cops teaming up to kick the dog shit out of them? Most of these victims are not big brutes, thugs, or menacing terrorists. They Are normal everyday people like you and me, who are having their constitutional rights beaten the hell out of them!

I guess in reality it’s “do what they say and hope you don’t get fucked up”, because the cop is an egotistical, psychotic bastard who is looking to take out his frustrations on your sorry ass! You say blue, they say black and then crack! Your blue wasn’t black enough.

I hate to keep repeating myself, but as many of you know my father was a police officer and a soldier during World War II. I understand the value of Law and Order and keeping the peace. If it we’re up to me we would all live in a world where there was peace Harmony and everybody essentially got along. Unfortunately this is not the case.

There are many reasons for this including politicians who make their living on separating and dividing people. Some of my Facebook friends are extremely “pro police”, which is fine by me. But some are so “pro police” they are blind to anything which disrupts their fantasy world that all police are like Andy Griffith. In fact, they are so “pro police” they believe anyone who is stopped, detained or questioned by police must be  guilty of something! Surely an officer of the law wouldn’t stop someone who wasn’t doing something illegal!? But that simply isn’t the case. There are bad cops killing good people. Please tell me when the hell did it become acceptable for police to become judge jury and executioner?

It is unconscionable to me that cops can simply shoot somebody on the spot because they don’t like the way they looked at them or some other nonsensical reason. If the perpetrator is coming at you with an automatic weapon, disobeying you and violently approaching you or attacking you, destroying property or killing other citizens, please have my permission to go ahead and put a hole in their head any time of the day, however that is not what we are seeing.

IN SHORT, it pisses me off when some mother fucker gets on my page and tries to make me think that I’m just a delusional paranoid psychotic. My eyes do not lie. I see what is going on, and I will not stand down from that opinion. If you think the cops do everything right all the time, then you are delusional idiot. And you are wrong. Police officers make mistakes because they are human, sometimes they are big, sometimes they are small.


What is really pissing me off, is that when police make BIG mistakes like killing unarmed people,(either out of anger, training misjudgment, or whatever) they come up with a preposterous cover story immediately, instead of owning up to it and dealing with the consequences.

Not everyone who gets into a confrontation with police is innocent. Obviously some are guilty and yes they deserve what they get, no problem with that. However when a citizen who is sitting in their car complying with the commands of a police officer, who is suddenly pull from the car, handcuffed, beaten, kicked, and otherwise abused is straight bullshit!

I didn’t want to have to get into this deleting friends shit, however on an issue such as this when you have a narrow-minded view that the police are always in charge, always right, and never deserve any scrutiny, I’m sorry it shows a lack of intellect and compassion on your part. The difference is I want to live in a state of Law and Order you want to live in a police state where you are blind to what the fuck is going on. Excuse me while I get to deleting motherfuckers.