Here’s a blog that’s really a Help Wanted posting!



Cinema Lexzikon is looking for a screenplay writer for a story already created for our film ONE AGAINST THE NINJA.

If you have writing expedience and think you can bang out a 90 page action film, with GREAT dialog and amazing characters, and limited cliche’s from other action movies, we want to hear from you.

Those who submit, will need to send five to ten pages of an original action film screenplay.

The winner will be signed to an agreement to write the screenplay, and a deferred payment agreement which means WHEN the film is released, the writer gets paid. Period.

The winner will then be given the task of competing a 90 page action film, based on William Lee’s first notes and concept for the film. The writer will have 90 days to complete the project. If the writer fails to complete the project on time, the writer will receive partial compensation, and a new writer will be sought to finish the script.

(NOTE; TO protect the confidentiality of the project, and protect all parties against liability, Non Disclosure agreements are required, and a story release MUST be signed as well. )

The writer will receive full IMDB credits,and inside access to some of the film’s most important assets including some on set time to see their vision come to life!
(*Cinema Lexzikon is not responsible for travel to shooting sites.)

If interested, submit your name and contact info, a short bio and your original 5-10 page action screenplay.

Submit all entries to

Last date for entries is October 31, 2014.


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