Common sense and my one and only Ferguson statement

Rioting, looting and killing innocent people who are NOT INVOLVED with your oppression, are not REVOLUTIONARY deeds. They are EVIL, indefensible and demonstrate your desire was not to protest an injustice or a death, but to make money and get free shit. You got a problem with an oppressor, you take that fight to his doorstep, not ruin the lives of people who did nothing to bring about your “oppression”. When the anger dies down, all you got left is the free shit you stole, innocent dead people, and a neighborhood no sane financier would ever put money in again. How can you FIGHT THE POWER, when the POWER hasn’t been touched one iota? Not all cops are lying dirtbags, and not all SLAIN kids are worthy martyrs. You figure it out. ‪#‎TRUTH‬


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