That short film of yours…..WTF!

I have seen amazing talent in short films, but then some of these actors never get beyond that. I have always felt that to call oneself an actor or filmmaker, you have to make FEATURE films. I do feel that short films can be a means to that end. However, one who makes his sole province doing short (truncated) films, is not using their full potential, nor are they becoming the best actor/filmmaker they could be.

I understand that feature films take a major commitment, but by relegating yourself to short films, are you saying that you are not committed to the craft you proclaim to be “your life’s work”?  How are you improving yourself by taking incomplete projects and ideas to a state of–incompletion?  It’s sort of like practicing your jump shot for a basketball game, then at half time you quit, because you feel like you gave your best shots in the first half. IS that the mark of a professional?

Back in the old days of filmmaking when I first got in the biz, short films were called “Spec films” because they were sent to producers with hopes of becoming features. Now filmmakers have gotten gotten so lazy, they don’t even plan on making a feature and just hope that our “clever” short film is our key to success.

It’s like they are saying:

“Here! 10 minutes is all I could come up with, now crown me King and make me Hollywood royalty.”

That’s not how the biz works. I would hope that back in Shakespeare’s day, he would not consider half a play and half a performance “acceptable”. Do we think “half effort” is equal to “full effort”? And how many STARS have made it famous just doing short films? Short films have their place, but in the bigger picture, you have a series of “half done” ideas. If that’s your thing, God bless you.

I just see it as unrealized potential. I hope you do too.


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