Tales twice told..and told again. The recurring nightmare of unprofessional actors…

So I had a PROFESSIONAL actor get his sides for his audition, and within 24 hours, he had the audition done and posted online for me. The other person auditioning for the same role, got his sides more than a week ago and I still haven’t heard a thing. The killer is, the PRO who sent me his stuff tonight is a PHENOMENAL talent, so now the other actor, who still has sent me ZERO, no matter how good he is, is out of the running. A few months back, I had info on a paying gig as a production assistant. The person I sent the info to, said they’d get back to me. The gig was that weekend. Two weeks later, the person I was trying to help, got back to me with the question “So what was that gig about?”. Well, it was about a week ago, and you’re shit out of luck and about $250!!! One day I am going to give everyone my rant on URGENCY in the filmmaking process. Keep screwing around while somebody else gets the part you coulda’ had! Great way to get that career off the ground! NOT!!!!‪#‎professionalismfirstprocrastinatelast‬


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