Tough call. The actor’s hardest decision.

As many of you know, I am brutally frank and honest when it comes to filmmaking. It has earned me a reputation as an asshole in many film circles, and it is a mark i wear proudly. There is enough phoniness in this business, so I say “why add to it?”

I had a discussion with one of my favorite actors last night, and I made the point that actors must act professionally at all times. While I have no time or patience for actors who make short films, buddy films, or 48 hour projects every time they act, I do believe you must prepare yourself as a professional every time you go before the cameras.

If you are in this BUSINESS to have fun and make it a hobby, God bless you. But you’re wasting your time, and time of people who are working with you. When you are auditioning for a role, and that role calls for something outside of your own personality, do you turn it down because it’s unfamiliar or uncomfortable?

Does your significant other object to you playing that role? if it’s a role that is completely morally reprehensible, understood. But on the other hand, what is an actor?

An actor is a person who MUST adapt to the role given them by the director. It may sound harsh, it may piss you off, but if you can’t do what the role asks for, stop acting or find another hobby. Additionally, if your significant other is jealous with your chosen profession, you need to answer one question:

Can your significant other support you, or will they always be there standing in the way of your life’s work?

That is a tough decision, but if you don’t have the support of your “other”, then you have to give up the dream or go on without that support.

There is no single answer, but whatever you choose, remember it’s your life and you have to live it. This is BUSINESS, not fun time at the arcade.

Just keepin it real.



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