The truth shall set you free……or ruin your day.

For the past 48 hours, an unscrupulous amatuer filmmaker named Raz T. Slasher, AKA Jesse (Yes a grown man has named himself Raz Slasher, how clever) has been besmirching my name and reputation. His claim is that by using a character who just happened to be a Mime in my film, I had infringed on the copyright of his so called “original idea” called THE MIME.

Aside from the fact that you cannot sue someone who uses a generic character (my Mime had no resemblance to his character), the vitriol and arrogance with which he accused me of stealing his “original idea” set me off. He blasted me on the pages of Facebook, threatening lawsuits and legal action. He told the entire film community of middle Ohio that I was a jerk, unprofessional, and was just a big bad old meanie. Yes, I did terminate Jesse from my film project. But it had nothing to do with me being a “meanie”.  It had to do with Raz committing a fireable offense.

Ladies and gents, Mister “Slasher” could NOT keep a confidential conversation confidential, and instead went blabbing off publicly, ruining friendships, destroying reputations, and resulting in his dismissal from my film projects. What is it about “confidential” that this person did not understand? Was I screwing him over, or did he get what he deserved for voiding a legal agreement? When do you begin to accept the responsibility for your actions, rather than blaming someone and playing a helpless victim.

Child, please!

Are people actually stupid enough to believe their malfeasance will not come back to haunt them?  Unfortunately, Raz is one in a long line of amateurs who portrays himself as a professional, but will never achieve that because of sheer immaturity.  Now, because of his erratic behavior and thoughtless actions,  I and my producer Harlow Keith have had to spend days of our valuable time, responding to this online bashing.

     The slander campaign was pushed forward by a group of cosigners, some of them people whom I have had to remove from my projects because of their arrogance or violation of their contracts .  A few just hated me for whatever reason they came up with. Maybe I was just “mean” to them. Maybe I just told them the truth. And you know what that means.

In no time,  Raz got his “team” into action,  getting most of our rebuttals to his insanity removed from Facebook because he was able to convince that bastion of fairness, Facebook, that we were “violating community standards”. Yes, by reacting to slander and liable, we were the bad guys. The big bad old meanies.

     So, for the past 72 hours, this merry band of miscreants, James (the best writer  I ever met, but can’t seem to carry any project through to completion), Jason (the amazing actor/stuntman/comedian who holds crowdfunding campaigns to pay his bills, but can’t seem to hold a real job), John (The big time actor who got his start in the business courtesy of yours truly, then worked with a man who stole my intellectual properties and then defended him against me), Richard (the smiling British immigrant, with an expired work visa, who sends harassing emails to my wife) and Mariah (Who never met me, but knows I am the scum of the earth) have been posting all sorts of crude and inaccurate statements about me. By the way, MARIAH denies she was crude, but we have the emails she sent to my producer Harlow, and let’s just say I’ll be the arbiter of what I consider crude, especially when my reputation is sullied by someone who NEVER MET ME.

In the most surprising development in this sad saga, James the writer advised Raz to sue me. Yes, he actually did that. Sue me over a Mime. Yes, a Mime.

       Well, as it turns out, we discovered a few hours after the public lambasting, that my friend Robert  is in the fact the CREATOR of Mister Slasher’s “totally original and copyrighted” film!

      And to that end, and at my request, Robert has posted an online affidavit to attest to the actions of Mister Raz Slasher!

Available here:    BOBBY HENRY’S STATEMENT


     You heard right. The man who said I had stolen his incredible, unique and very personal idea about a killer Mime, actually stole the story from another writer.  So in fact, I wasn’t such a mean old meanie! I wasn’t arbitrarily “Screwing people over” as Mariah stated so crudely in her inflammatory email!

I was telling the truth! My God! How dare I expose such treachery!

    But most of all, Jesse, oh, I mean Raz T. Slasher,  was now facing the same legal action that he had been threatening to take against me!? Oh what a tangled web we weave!  My, my, my. What the truth can do to ruin your day!

The Humanities!

     With that said, any lawsuit that Raz and his buddies planned to file has now been invalidated by his obvious theft and lies about how he came to “create” this MIME film. Jesse and his crew need not concern themselves with filing anything except an apology. I’ll be waiting, but not holding my breath.

People have to learn I understand this business and would never endanger a 40 year career copying other people’s ideas. Especially ideas that are not original. Apparently, these people will never understand that. The truth always has a way of being life’s best teacher. Learn from it my friends, and move on.

And Ms. Mariah, keep your crude comments to yourself. You don’t know me.


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