Shameless self promotion…

So, sue me.

Look, we have some major projects in the pipeline right now, so here are some links to the things I’m putting out there right now. Please visit my links and help us out by donating or just spreading the word.

It won’t take you much time, and you might even like what you see.

First off, we just released two of my films via Vimeo Worldwide on demand.

The first is the long awaited release of our Action film ARMY FROM HELL. In the film, I play Jesus. But this Jesus is pretty pissed off. Instead of preachign sermons, he kicks ass. Different, huh?

You can find it at this link:  ARMY FROM HELL ON DEMAND

Then, in cooperation with Jason Schierloh’s Inner Demon Studios, we pulled off a found footage extravaganza called AC1: ALIEN CONTAMINATION. Featuring an over top performance by William Miller, a self professed “Alien Hunter. You have never seen found footage like this.

This film can be rented at this link:  ACI

Our new film, an urban version of GOODFELLAS is in the works, and here’s the super cool teaser from the film:   BADFELLAZ TEASER

But in order to take that teaser to a two part gangster/comedy epic, we need some cold, hard cash and that’s why we have set up a crowdfunding campaign on a site called Rocket Hub:     BADFELLAZ CROWDFUNDING PAGE.

Wow. that’s the easiest blog I ever wrote. Now comes the hard part. you actually have to click on those links and check it out.

Love ya.



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