Marvin and Pharrell. Pay to play or go away.

So, like, this blog is all about the entertainment industry. This time not so much about film, but the law and order of creating original ideas.

By now you’ve all heard about the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit. Pharrell and Robin Thicke have been defending their use of music obviously ripped from Marvin Gaye’s GOT TO GIVE IT UP.

It hasn’t gone well for them. That is no surprise.

Plain and simple, the boys did not accept their responsibility and pay for, or even give credit for the use of Marvin’s creation. I have heard that people are defending Pharrell saying they can’t hear Marvin’s music in his “new song”. Hmmm.  Really? Are we listening to the same song?

How about that scream from Thicke? Sounds a lot like the riffing Marvin did on the original song. Either these two men are really, really naive, or just plain and simple, they are crooks who got caught.

So, when I posted the following item on a facebook page, I ran into the typical fan girl who would defend Pharrell if he just went ahead and taped Marvin’s song and had Robin Thicke YELLING over Marvin IN THE BACKGROUND,  still referring to it as totally original.

Uh yeah, like what happened was…..

As bad as this theft was, I’m surprised they would be stupid enough to try and slip this past intelligent people. But then again, there are a lot of unintelligent people out there who are defending this obvious travesty.

Go figure.

Our educational system is in bad shape.

Anyway…’s my take:

“You lazy, selfish, money hungry bastards stole Marvin’s music. You will now pay for your indiscretions. Next time, do your own creating and stop feeding off of dead people who had the creative talent which you simply do not possess. If you call yourselves musicians, and you are unable to create your own music, McDonalds is hiring.”

So here comes Pharrell fan number one, Fronita!

Please don’t talk about Lil Brother that way, you are wrong. I too look forward to his Appeal(s). Far too many people who think like you, do so, because you have a problem with ‘ph’enomenal! I will admire him even more when he makes that sound, that breaks the sound barrier, and receive acclimates Globally! Proving to everyone who has ears that can hear… He don’t have to steal shit!!

Sounds reasonable, right? Uh, no.  Here’s a reasonable reply:

Hey Fronita: I was alive when GOT TO GIVE IT UP came out! I am not some young fan kissing ass because they “love” their star. I’m a grown man who is in the Entertainment industry and I know the law! He stole the music, period. He had the money and means to acquire the rights. He was lazy, reckless and thoughtless. There is a price to pay for that when you’re a highly visible star. This ain’t about “feeling sorry for “ph’enomenal” .

(Did she really go there? ) LOL.

This is about the legal ramifications of stealing an original creation.  When I make a film, I have to pay for sound effects or instrumental versions of songs. What makes that any different than what Pharrell was required by law to do? No pay, no play, no appeal. He was wrong, end of story. If he wants to, as you say ” break(s) the sound barrier, and receive acclimates Globally!”

–by the way, my dear, it’s ACCOLADES not acclimates–

      If he wants to be a respected artist, he needs to stop disrespecting the black geniuses that laid the path for his music. This is about, law, order and historical precedent. Pharrell disrespected Marvin Gaye,and in my book, that’s an inexcusable misstep. Feel free to kiss Pharrell’s poster on your wall, I’ll continue to respect real artists’ work. And you should be ashamed for defending people who have no defense for their criminal act.

     I doubt you’d be so forgiving if they stole your song and made millions off of it, without giving you a penny. Or maybe you just love your idol so much, you don’t care. Well, that part is obvious honey. But here’s something even more obvious.

No one is above the law. Not even ph’enomeal Pharrell. no matter how many “acclimates” he receives.



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