A Bruce Lee imitator with integrity. Meet Ho Chung Tao–Bruce Li.

In my humble opinion, Bruce Li was the best Bruce Lee imitator, and his film BRUCE LEE THE MAN THE MYTH was the best Bruce Lee bio pic, ever made. Period. FAR BETTER THAN THE AMERICANIZED “DRAGON STORY”, which in my opinion was a chick flick with fight scenes.

As for BRUCE LEE THE MAN THE MYTH, I can remember going to see this at the drive in when this came out. It’s pretty easy to become jaded and entitled when you are a Bruce Lee fan. I know all about it. I was ONE.

But when I wrote my master’s thesis on Bruce Lee’s work, one of my professors told me to judge Bruce Lee accurately, one must become less of a fan and more of a neutral observer. Therefore, as a “fanboy” I’d be against anything that wasn’t ALL Bruce Lee, all the time.

Sorry folks, but you have to grow up. As much as I love Bruce, there IS a whole culture of martial arts films, that included different stars, themes and categories. Bruce was the best at what he did, the greatest martial arts film star of all time. But in my narrow minded view, I missed most of the great work of The Shaw Brothers until many years later.

Now, through my work at El Rey Network I have been introduced to films other than those of our beloved Bruce. That being said, we need to put the breaks on criticizing anyone who is not the REAL Bruce Lee. As an action filmmaker and film researcher, I can judge quality work. This film was far above the other Bruceploitation crap out there. Give credit where credit is due.

There will never be another Bruce Lee, but those who have integrity in their work, such as Mister Ho, will always have respect in my book.


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