So, why do Spike Lee and James Franco need Kickstarter to make movies?

It’s easy to have this democratic approach to letting “rich or entitled Hollywood people” use kickstarter to make films. The reality is a little different when the field for indie film is already crowded by people with camera phones putting films out there like cans of baked beans. I protested when Spike Lee did this, because I feel that as much as he protest the Hollywood elite, he is INDEED part of that elite. If you’re not invested in indie film on a day to day basis, you just don’t get how hard it is to get your crowdfunding campaign to go viral, LET ALONE GETTING YOUR FILM RELEASED.

And for me, a black filmmaker who has been at this 40 years, it is even harder when I produce cinema that is not “stereotypically black” TO GET A DEAL.

Look, HOLLYWOOD people with money to invest in their own films, should do just that. Use THEIR money. We, the little guys who work day jobs and pay our own way seem to find a way to make films for thousands as opposed to millions of dollars, and that is done with no help, no pub, and no key to the Hollywood boy’s washroom. We also don’t have access to the producers, publicists and distribution channels established filmmakers have.

I am really trying to figure out the justification for an embedded filmmaker to use a platform which really should be all about helping unknowns make that step. After all, I can’t just call up my buddies at Paramount and get them to look at a rough cut of my film. It is not an even playing field folks, and when the big boys begin stepping in on our one way to even that playing field, it looks awfully unbalanced to me.


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