Get yo’ hand out my pocket!

     On our film DEMONS RISING, the so-called “Special effects/ fight choreographer/cook” guy bought about $2000 worth of expensive fake blood, then wanted my wife Paula, the producer, to write him a check. 
We then informed him we could make the same stuff with corn syrup and food coloring for about $20.
    When the film finally ended, this “multi talented” loser tried to walk off set the last day of shooting, with all of the left over sfx materials that we had PAID FOR ourselves.  Guess he took a liking to our corn syrup and food coloring idea.
     There have also been times where “adventurous” producers have “locked down” amazing sets and production help, all while forgetting to inform me of the exorbitant finances I would have to come up with to secure them.
     The world of indie film production is not loaded with millionaires ready to hand you cash and free shit. In Addition, as a producer of low-budget cinema, who has had to scrape and beg for every cent he’s used in filmmaking, it infuriates me when people who are supposedly “on my team”, go out and commit “my money” to their “ambitions”. It is doubly embarrassing to have to tell a potential provider of services that no, we cannot pay you $6,000 for that Arri rental my producer committed to.

“Don’t be buying extravagant bullshit for my movie, without my knowledge, then be presenting me with a bill for said bullshit.” –William Lee–quoted while working on a film years ago, when an unnamed actor made all sorts of purchases for “cool shit” for his own use in the no budget film I was producing, then expected to be paid for his “forward thinking” go getter attitude. Said actor needed to “go get his receipts” and return said shit.

It’s pretty simple: if it’s not your money, don’t go out spending it and then ask someone to pay for your ambition. You need to put your egos in check and grab hold of reality when you are working for an indie producer. It’s probably a good idea to ask about the budget before you spend it.

     Just sayin’.

And if you want to help this indie producer, here’s a shameless plug.

BADFELLAZ The film no one else would or could pull off. And we can always use more money to do that. Or I can ask an overly ambitious assistant to go out and spend more the money I don’t have.



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