Should you move to L.A. or NYC to make movies?

Neither. A filmmaker who does not have studio backing will only be hindered by Unions and city bureaucracy in those cities. Indie filmmaking succeeds only because Indie filmmakers create their own Hollywood in their own cities. I have had my friends lose their minds, self-esteem and careers trying to “make it” in the big city.

All these glamorous shots of indie filmmakers shooting a short and then having lunch with execs at paramount are pie in the sky dreams. Keep it real, do your work, and you will never be disappointed. There is more to filmmaking than telling people you they talked to some hot-shot producer with a project in development shooting sometime in the future with some big name stars, and they’re part of it.

Meanwhile, you’re actually putting in work and making a movie.

Hollywood is no longer the standard for indie filmmaking. You are.

Now go do your damn thing.



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