Did I hear you say “states rights”?

One of my facebook “friends” stated that the Civil War was not about slavery, but instead, the simple matter of “states rights”. God, help me…here’s my reply:

Bro, love ya but I gotta call you on this one. You earlier stated that the Civil War was not about slavery, but STATES RIGHTS. Uh, not so fast. General Ulysses S. Grant in his memoirs said the Civil war was about one thing; SLAVERY. I think I’d take the word of a man on the front lines,faster than some kind of misguided or misinformed attempt to soften the blow of the most devastating conflict on American soil.

     “States Rights” in my humble opinion does not out rank human rights. While it may have been “so called” divine and or sovereign right of the Southern Confederacy to do business as it saw fit, it was by no means their right to maim, terrorize, murder, exploit and separate generations of human beings from their families and friends, while exercising their ‘rights” to profit off the same inexcusable atrocities. . The very fact this nation passed a 3/5 amendment shows how much black slaves were not thought of as humans, but cattle–tools–to make the South rich.

     I find it very offensive for anyone to relegate millions of black slaves to a “States rights” issue. I was alive during the 60’s when some guy named Wallace used the same “States Rights” issue, to keep my parents from drinking from WHITES ONLY water fountains, me from attending white schools and our family from housing. And as a child, I myself was affected by the same narrow minded bullshit which still existed IN THE 60’S. I can still feel that terror in the pit of stomach, as we avoided “white neighborhoods”. Revisionist history of that era serves no purpose other than diluting the 400 years of pure hell Black people endured.

     We were not tools, cattle nor were we meant to make Southern slaveholders rich. We were human beings who did not DESERVE that nightmare, nor do we now deserve belittlement because it suits someone’s political agenda. Call a spade a spade bro. The South didn’t want their black slaves freed, because they’d go broke. Hence, civil war against the North to keep from going broke. hence, the CIVIL WAR was a war all about slavery and the business of making money off enslaved people.

     I have to tell you sir, this STATES rights stuff still sounds just as heinous and full of shit today, as it did when I was a little black boy traveling through neighborhoods where white people could lynch my ass any time they felt like it..How little things have changed.


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