What’s next?

So, the Confederate flag on the top of the Dukes Of Hazzard car has come under fire. Not the brutality of racists, the flag. On a car. From a TV show. A work of fiction. Okay, let’s ban the Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn too.

I understand the sentiment about the symbolism of this flag, but I must seriously protest the PC Police and like minded individuals trying to remove this flag from a freaking TV show which was a work of fiction. How is it people can take a good idea (fighting racism) and take it so such lengths? And so taking the flag of the car does what? Convinces racists that they’re bad people? Rewrites the history of the Civil War? Makes any damn bit of difference to sick twisted individuals who hate? There is a difference between a KKK member waving this flag and killing black people, and a TV show with a cool car and cool characters. I am quite sure John Schneider and the rest of the Dukes cast are not racist and did not support the racist, slavery centered aims of the confederacy. This is getting out of hand. How about we deal with RACISTS and RACISM instead of trying to keep people from being offended. There’s a bigger fight out there, and it does not involve re writing or ignoring history. This is about as asinine as the efforts by filmmakers to edit out all shots of the twin towers after 911! Come on now! Get real!


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