Career ender….

Yesterday, we had some impressive ladies come out and perform as show girls in our big club scene. It was awesome. Unfortunately, one girl showed up as an “uninvited” extra to play one of the dancers. No big problem, we can use all the help we can get on our shoots. Well, she decided to bring her tattooed, eminem looking, wanna be wangster boyfriend with her, and he definitely was not dressed nor prepared for the shoot. No, he was there to guard his “property”…When it came time for this girl to do her part, that is dance, she looked at me like I was an alien and said “Oh God no, I could never do that. My boyfriend will kill me!” and sprinted off out of the club, her “killer mate” in hand.

No one asked her to strip nude, give lap dances, or anything else. We just wanted her to dance on a stage. The other ladies, didn’t blink and performed like pros.

     So anyway, a little advice to the “cute little” girl who offered to dance for the club scene: get a new boyfriend–one who won’t kill you–and stay out of the movie business. You are the reason newbies in the biz have such a tough time. We hate people who don’t understand the business, but want to be famous. Guess what little girl. It doesn’t work like that. I hate people who talk bullshit and people who waste my time.

     When you do both, you can be sure your career is over.


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