My opinion will really piss you off. Seriously it will.

Well, if you don’t know by now, many members of the Columbus, Ohio film community will not work with me, because I am straightforward about the local film business. If that’s what you want to call it. Not like I care, because I will not shoot a film in this city again, but I thought I’d comment on it since the subject was raised recently by a few actors from other locales.

So many people in this city treat it like a hobby, then they want to jump all over social media calling themselves directors or producers. Look guys! We produced 3 minutes of art! Tell Spielberg we’re coming for his job!

Uh, not so fast Cecil B. Demille Jr.! It’s a bit more complicated than that.

Short films and 48 hour film projects are great ways for actors to get practice in their craft. No issue there. But when I see all of these so called “producer and directors” doing nothing but shorts and 48 hour film projects, I be like :

“When you gonna’ make a real movie, homes?”

You mean, you directed that 3 minutes of art all by yourself? Huh. So, why didn’t you finish bruh?

For the record, I totally despise short film film festivals, the short film channel, short film Oscar awards, and basically anything that is an uncompleted idea that could not be carried to fruition because the producer-director lacked the courage, skill, foresight or ability to complete that vision.

(Money is also an issue, but lack of money should never keep you from working on that feature and getting it done. There are too many ways to do it more cheaply and efficiently than ever with this new technology. See these people shooting features with Iphones? Good God, where were you in 1974 Iphone? More on that in a minute.)

One of my actors told me any time my name is brought up at a local film club meeting, he is told people will not work with me because I am “Opinionated”. Oh really? here’s an opinion:

“I don’t give a fuck!”

The film biz is a hard world people, everyone has opinions. Got to wonder why mine are so reviled? Hmmm. Could it be they reveal an ugly truth everyone wants to ignore?

If you’re into film making to “have fun” and hang out with friends, don’t call it “Feature film making” and don’t call yourself a producer or director. Call IT LIKE IT IS:

“Chicks, dudes and peeps hanging out on a weekend with beer, snacks, a camera, and a half way good idea.”

If you are in this business to be a real filmmaker, make a REAL FEATURE FILM, and stop getting pissed because I put your ass on blast. No, not everyone gets a best director award for doing a half assed job on a half assed IDEA.

Now, how’s that for an opinion?

Back in the 70’s, when I was a teenager just getting into the business, I made my first feature about 2 months into this filmmaker thing. That as with Super 8 movie film, and a film camera, a film projector, a movioloa, splicing tape, a microphone and nothing much more. I edited in my basement late at night, and when my movioloa went down, I had to hold the strips of film up to a table lamp and cut the film with a pair of freaking scissors!


What kills me, and this really gets my blood boiling, are some of the so called “short filmmakers” can’t do a feature with HD technology, After effects and Final cut pro! What! Maybe instead of getting mad at my realness, maybe you short filmmakers should try something else since you ain’t figuring out this feature film thing too well

Now wait. You got keys to the porsche and you keep wrecking that bitch! WTF? maybe more driving lessons would help?

(Sorry to be all metaphorical and shit, but I’m trying to make a point here….)

I never criticize anyone just to be an asshole. But you gotta’ remember: I was born in New York, and you don’t lose your “New York” straight talk to suit other people’s needs and perceptions. I’d rather have you hate me because I told you the real deal, then to think I like you because I kissed your ass.

It seems we have a p.c., kiss ass, phony baloney society that is dead set against telling people the reality of their situation. If it’s about the film world, I have seen it all and done it all. So when I tell you something related to this business, and you don’t like it, you have my best wishes. But I will also have no sympathy when you fail at what you are trying to do,because you did things that I have seen lead to failure for 40 years.

Bottom line is, I will not lie to you. When I tell you what you don’t want to hear, it’s not to destroy your self esteem or make myself out to be better than you. Hey, I have fucked up a million times. But I learned from all the fucking up, and I have tried really hard to eliinate the fucking up of things, film wise at least.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you ask me, the truth is the best place to begin.


If most of my haters in this town cared to listen to me without getting all freaking offended, then might be able to save themselves the trouble of being a half story telling, perpetual short film making, always hanging out on the weekend, some-timey film producer dude.

That doesn’t look good on a resume, and IMDB doesn’t have that category listed.

Just my opinion.


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