Dear actor: Keep your privates private!

999580_693030584045265_1540806728_nWord of advice to aspiring actors. If you want to get ahead in this business, posting your most personal issues in public can cost you big time. You may have problems, but remember everyone else out there is dealing with major personal shit too. When you expose yourself BY TELLING EVERY INTIMATE DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE, don’t be surprised if at some point it comes back to bite you. Do you know how many people in this business lose work because they can’t seem to keep anything a secret? Do you know why only a select group of people work with me? Because they understand that telling everybody, everything is a sure fire way to get booted from any job requiring discretion, especially film projects! Sometimes you have to keep your mouth shut, keep your head down and do your damn job. Whining and looking for sympathy is a little empty when someone else has bigger issues than you know about, but they choose not to push them in your face. Just keepin’ it real.


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