no shorts


PLEASE submit to the short film festival….SHOOTING A SHORT FILM..ACTRESSES NEEDED FOR SHORT FILM…PREMIERE OF OUR SHORT FILM…NEED FUNDS FOR OUR SHORT FILM….the short film channel is SEEKING SHORT FILMS from SHORT FILMMAKERS for their half assed, incomplete, short sighted scripts!





Short films are great training grounds for actors to hone their craft!

Short films are CREATIVE DEATH for producers and directors of film!!!

How many of your IMDB credits have the term “short” applied to them? If it’s more than two, this is your freaking wake up call!

If you’re a producer/director, then your short film career is short of the mark!!

A film maker cannot make a career out of short films..unless you plan to edit them bitches together at some point!

THEN you will have a long, segmented, short film!


When you gonna’ make a movie, dawg?

STOP THE MADNESS; Short films are not the goal of a real filmmaker. They are a training ground!

Stop training! STOP the excuses! Stop the bitching and moaning!

Make your feature or get a hobby!

Or keep playing filmmaker with your hobby called SHORT FILMMAKING!



Uh, hang on..

Obviously, that wasn’t the end of this. Someone was pissed off about this post. Even though, this person was not targeted by this post. In fact, I had no idea this person had gone into producing films, let alone short films. The sensitivity level of people nowadays is extraordinary. To that end, I attempted to explain this one more time. And by the way, if this offends anyone else, I do not give a fuck. trust me, you’ll get over it and live another day…long enough to do more short films….

When I first started in filmmaking, what people now call “Short films” were called spec films. These spec films were produced to get funding for a completed version of the original film idea. George Lucas did a film called THX 1138. It was a student film/short film/spec film. It was amazing and I would never besmirch his effort or talent. But is George Lucas still making short films as his career goal? No. THX 1138 was his springboard to a legendary career as a feature filmmaker. I’m sorry  but short films should not and cannot be compared to full feature length film making in any serious discussion.

Would Beethoven be as famous if composed half symphonies? Is half a record album as relevant or well thought through as a whole album? Would George Lucas have made Star Wars the iconic series it is as a series of short films?

I’m sorry you’re offended, but I feel no shame in stating the truth. I have no issues with short films per se. I do have issues with people who spend their entire careers doing spec films, and calling themselves filmmakers. Of course that’s my opinion, you are entitled to disagree, but do not expect me to feel ashamed because I see the process of filmmaking as more than short stories pretending to be fully developed concepts. I’ll let you in on a secret: I know of no Hollywood production company or distributor who will be able to sell your short film for commercial distribution, NOR WILL ANY HOLLYWOOD STUDIO CONTINUE TO FUND SHORT FILM MAKING. This is after all a business, and short films don’t pay the bills for Showtime, HBO, The Movie Channel or Red Box.

Other people may have different goals, but my goals are to get films seen on an international basis and provide a career that I can use to feed my family and expand my film making goals. If you can do that making short films, bravo. I am simply not so inclined, and I do not see short films populating the shelves of Family Video or Red Box. I know that may not please you, but it’s the reality of the business. And yes, this is a business.

So while you may be offended, I am tired of people insulting me because I am giving them the real view of the world. You don’t like my point of view, great. You’re entitled to your opinion. It will however not change the reality fo the situation. Now, you can get upset at me, or face the reality of the business of making films. Short films are not the way a film maker achieves his or her true success. At some point, you have to suck it up and do what filmmakers do: make REAL feature length films. Just my opinion.

But what do I know, right?

But seriously, please stop wasting time making short films. Please.





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