Black lives matter-really?

Thank you Facebook for suspending my account for 24 hours. Considering yesterday was the 16th anniversary of my father’s death, you should be additionally proud of being especially inconsiderate and inflexible in whom you consider “offensive”.
The reason you banned me from Facebook pretty much sums up the sad state of political correctness and “knee jerk” reaction that has ruined our society. There was a black and white photograph of Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan that was supposedly controversial because it showed two black men embracing. On a Facebook news page. This supposedly innocuous picture was all of the sudden “controversial” because some ignorant people decided black men embracing was “gay” or otherwise unmanly. This thread went on for some time, when I decided to jump in and pretty much lay out how ignorant some black “men” were for posting homophobic bullshit and in general being N%$$$gers.
I explained that in my family, male cousins, brothers, etc. often exchange hugs, kisses on the cheek and so forth to empress love and family bonds. For some reason, in the black male community today, many young black men think being “hard and gangster” is what defines being a black man. Sorry, that’s not me. I am a human first, and if these dumb nig#‪#‎ers‬ I took to task on Facebook gets me banned, so be it. Being a homophobe, a racist or just plain asshole doesn’t work in my world. I have friends of all shapes, sizes, colors and sexual orientations and I see them all as humans first.

mjordanrcoogler (1)
Further, I pointed out to these misguided black men that Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas used to exchange a kiss before games against each other. No one ever saw this as other than two cousins express their love and respect for each other. Here’s the deal: instead of blocking me from stating what I feel is a realistic, even handed, sympathetic approach to the issue, why don’t you ban those dumb negroes who were implying Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler were gay lovers. As far as I know, each man is a heterosexual male with no problems or doubts about their own virility or manhood. But in fact, what difference should it make? Further, why in the hell would any sensible black person try to tear down all the good that Jordan and Coogler have done in the film world which gives so few big time roles of films to black men? I mean, is this really how we treat people who open doors for us? Well, guess I need only look at how black folk treated Sammy Davis Jr. to get that answer.

WOW. Negroes please. Are we going there again?

Further, I’d suggest THAT SOME OF these ignorant black men look at what the sagging pants “STATEMENT” OF THEIR NEW GENERATION says about their own “macho” attitudes. Showing your ass (literally and figuratively) is no way to show respect for those who paved the way for you. A hypocrite is a hypocrite, and I called out hypocrites. Facebook, do your fucking job and get the bad guys. The good guys are tired of explaining to you what truth looks like.
And by the way, I am tired of explaining to ignorant black men that some of us black men are tired of being seen as ni$$$ers and want to be seen as black men who care about each other, instead of being portrayed as thugs with no heart and no conscience. I am also tired of being silenced by a multi billion dollar company that seems to consistently get it wrong.
And, on this 16th year and one day since my father left me, I would hope he would be proud that his son had the guts to call out the hate black men seem to have each other, and try to at least make it somewhat right.
Black lives matter? Yeah, apparently not to some black people.




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