The Political Politics of Politicians

I have tried to stay out of political posts on this page but let me say this: I like people who speak their minds, and as a New Yorker, I understand shooting your mouth off without fear of consequences. That’s what New Yorkers do. I get a good laugh at a lot of what Mister Trump says. I also enjoyed when he got the Republican candidates all pissed off, and fighting him like kids a school yard. Most entertaining thing I have seen on t.v. in years.

But here’s the deal Mister Trump: when you tell your supporters to punch people who oppose you, what do you expect to happen at your rallies? No matter how “wrong” an “agitator” may be, do you not understand your part in the conflict? You keep sticking your finger in your enemy’s eye and daring him to strike back, guess what happens? You reap what you sow. You want to make America better? Fine, then work on that and stop all the divisive speech making and “baiting”. Sometimes you get more with honey than you do with vinegar. Oh, and the social game playing with what constitutes a racial hate group was a complete joke. I like the idea of a non politician taking on big government. I don’t like the idea of stepping on the heads of everyone in sight to do it.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures and declares “You’re fired!” at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015. REUTERS/Dominick Reuter TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

One last item: I have not supported President Obama’s policies in his second term, but I have always been irritated by people claiming he was “playing the race card”. Mister Obama is bi racial, so I am not sure how that works.

But to date, we have heard Mister Trump clearly mention certain “ethnic populations” who needed to be “dealt with”.

I have heard few media types putting that “RACE BAITING” claim on Donald Trump.

Am I missing something here?

Again, this is why am an independent.

This is all show, while the oil speculators and bakers are slowly increasing the costs to you, the public caught up in this freak show.

Get back to the REAL problems in your country:


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