The definition of insanity

I haven’t been on the political rant lately, but just dealt with some people who are really into us versus them. You know, Americans at each other’s throats. People love getting off on arguing talking points about what “side” is the right side….or the “left side”.
I gave up single party affiliations years ago, because I finally realized corruption permeates both parties, and because of the ungodly amounts of money thrown into this debacle, corruption will always exist when two parties hold the keys to your future.
Do you think the Dems or Reps will really ever do anything to help you, if it affects their need for power, money and influence over the planet?
politics sucks
I am so done with right wing nutbags, and left wing lunatics who yell at me when I try to make them understand they are arguing moot points. This government only cares what you think every four years. In those years in between, they line their pockets, start illegal wars, and manipulate the stock market.
The government of, for and by the people sounds really nice, but it doesn’t exist.
In my mind, the truth is much simpler:
Until this corrupt two part monopoly of our government and election process is dismantled, nothing in this country’s governing policies will ever change. And you are the victim. How’s that working out for you?
I am simply too intelligent to believe that two “chosen” candidates marched out there by the two controlling parties every 4 years are the only two people on God’s green earth capable of running this nation.
People, when the fuck are we going to stop playing this fucking parlor game?
The system is broken. Face the facts.
It’s insanity and you are a willing participant.
Two years from now, you’ll be on Facebook calling the new President the worst president in history….again.
You humans amuse me.
God get me out of here.
I think you put me on the wrong planet.

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