The War on people

As many of you know my father was a police officer and fought for this country in WW2. I am all about locking up criminals and arresting thugs.

It is my personal belief that Michael Brown, the black kid shot in Ferguson, did not deserve to die.  However, he was involved in a criminal act, and was far from a hero or martyr, but indeed a criminal who put himself in a situation to be killed. I have never found it possible to accept him as a victim of police brutality, since he was involved in the commission of an act right before his death, then wrestled a cop for a gun.

That’s just stupidity. That’s the kind of thing that gets you shot. That’s the kind of thing that allows your entire personal history to be opened up to the public, so your death can be justified. In this case, Mister Brown provided the alibi for a cop who probably should have been indicted or fired years prior. Then again, if you’re trying to grab a cop’s gun, what do you expect? A pat on the back?

However, after his death, the FBI did discover a systematic pattern of police misconduct especially against the black residents of Ferguson, and regardless of the lack of moral character of Mister Brown, his death did serve the purpose of making people aware that something was not quite right about the policies of the police department in Ferguson. In fact, it was biased, racist and in some cases, the illegal actions of predators against an impoverished community. Bottom line is, Mister Brown did not represent the law abiding citizens of Ferguson. BUT, he did allow us to find out what was happening to the innocent citizens of Ferguson who had been purposely lumped into “his category” as criminal, just because they were black or poor.

I am also quite aware that the police brutality issue facing us is nothing new. As a matter of fact, there are dozens of videos which show cops, black, white, and otherwise doing the same thing to people of all colors. However, as a black person I Cannot ignore the fact that the videos which are now making waves in the media, do not show thugs, criminals and murderers.

They show citizens of the United States being shot by police for things which on the surface do not appear to be people involved in the commission of a crime. There simply seems to be a lack of training on the part of these cops, because there is rarely an attempt to de-escalate a situation. Shooting someone dead should not be a first response.

It is apparent that for some reason, police have the idea that they can be judge, jury and executioner with no repercussions. So now, did they just decide that was the policy, or is someone at a higher level telling them this is the way to enforce the law? Is the problem really rogue cops, or a systemic illness that is creating a police state right under our noses?

Tazers, warning shots, shooting limbs seem to be an alternative to just shooting a person because that’s the easiest way to the end the issue. Furthermore, the hypocrisy of this method of policing becomes even more apparent when we have terror suspects who are brandishing weapons of mass destruction, who are somehow “captured” without having been shot to death.


I believe this goes beyond race, and right into the uncomfortable arena of state mandated murder and oppression against the people of this country.

My wife, who is white, was pulled over by a police officer in a place called Minerva Park. She was driving, and had a hoodie over her head because it was simply cold outside. When the cop finally got to the window, he informed her that she should have passed him” further to the left” as she passed an active accident scene.

Sure officer, got it. My bad. He then asked her if she had “Any DYNAMITE in the trunk”. My wife was flabbergasted. Say what? My wife firmly replied no, and told him to look if he wanted. He didn’t, and my wife did not get shot. However, it again showcases the confrontational nature of come police. As an aside, Minerva Park has some of the worst police officers in the country, and that is not just a rumor.

I believe people who are not black should be even more outraged that this police brutality is being covered up by badges and the facade of law enforcement.

We are all in danger, and instead of fighting each other, we’d better realize the fact it’s the people versus the so called “government”.


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