Say Goodbye to the Bad Guy

God, I hope this is the last political rant I have to post on this blog. It’s time to get back to movies.  Anyway, here goes.


Donald Trump’s biggest enemy is not Hillary. It’s his own party.

After the VP debate this week, I think there was a rude awakening that Pence represented the views of the GOP far more effectively than Trump. So now, we have the GOP leaking stories about how they plan to dump Trump, and they’re not wasting time either. This morning I saw a GOP ad with a Hispanic “voter” who said he was voting REPUBLICAN on all races, but the glaring omission was that he did not once mention Donald. Here’s the deal peeps…….

      As you know, I have no dog in this fight. Each side is equally as opportunistic, and most assuredly each side has more than enough dirt in their broom closets to make them reprehensible to most middle of the road Americans. But it is what it is. He (or she) who possesses the best bag of tricks wins in this corrupt political system we have. Trump is doomed because political insiders do not like him, and the most important group of those insiders are Republicans. He is not the candidate the GOP boy’s club wanted, and this most recent misstep is going to be blown up into a full tilt abandonment of the Trump ocean liner.

There is a need for a candidate who is not part of the system to buck the process. Someone who does not play games, shoots straight, and has compassion for the needs of ALL the people. While Trump,in part, certainly qualifies in this regard, he is not the vessel for this kind of political change. As a new Yorker, I see his game. Shoot straight, tell em like it is, and if they don’t like it, fuck ’em! Sometimes when you decide to “fuck ’em” you get fucked.

To help people, you gotta’ respect people.

And while Hillary disrespects some people, she’s better at not saying it in public or in front of cameras.

That’s the game. Play by the rules or lose.



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