Trump..Twitter…oh boy.

Funny during his 8 years in office, Mister Obama got called every word in the book, including the N Word and never once did he get into a twitter fight with people who put that garbage out there.
Please Mister Trump,there is an old saying that goes “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it!” You trashed every politician, Republican and Democrat who ran against you.
  You won.
Be the adult in the room, enjoy your victory and go do the damn job you were elected to do.
This country is based on free speech, and just because someone even remotely offends you doesn’t give you the right to make them out to be un-American on an enemy of the state.
Please, if i missed the announcement that Joe McCarthy and his anti-commie crew was back for a second round, please let me know!I
I mean, do you honestly have the time to take on every american citizen who disagrees with your world view? When will you have time to solve the medical crisis, oil prices, wars in the middle east, poverty, crime, violence, corporate entitlements, infrastructure–RACISM?
How about the WALL you said you were going to have the Mexicans pay for, and now you want us regular Joe’s to foot that bill? You said you were going to REPEAL Obama care, but wait: now it’s reform, then it’s adjust, now it’s, no damn idea!
I don’t give two craps about what some actress thinks about you sir, but it’s her right to voice her opinion. And instead of just staying above the fray, you engage her by calling her a bad actress? Really? REALLY?
Dude, this ain’t high school!! Perhaps you’d better start worrying about what the Koreans and Chinese are going to say about you. what will your response be? “Bring it on?”.
Can’t wait for the explosive result of that cluster fuck.

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