When is Opportunity ever wrong?

I hate to tell the unfortunate prospective actress who couldn’t get her audition done according to my parameters, there is one truth in the business of film:

Opportunity will not continue to knock on your door until you are ready. Part of success is being ready, all the time.

Success is not waiting for you.
Success will not adjust to your whims, notions, desires or needs.
Success is borne of sacrifice and hard work.
Success is annoyed by the constant barrage of “I’m, not ready”, “Maybe next time” and “I’ll give it a shot when I’m really ready for this.”

Honey, don’t waste any more of my time. Don’t waste any more of your time. You’re not built for this. You don’t have the drive, the desire or the talent for this.

In fact, you have just sent your career down a deep, dark hole from which it will never emerge. If you really wanted to succeed, you would have done what was asked and not resorted to excuses.

If you agree to audition, you will have 24 hours to complete it. That was plainly stated before you agreed to produce a taped audition.

I have had several submissions from actresses who grabbed a camera phone, got the script, and stepped up and got an audition sent to me. Some of them have been cast.

And you?

God, how many times do I have to see this movie?


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