Black is Black

For those on the other side who think thou dost protest too loudly about our current state of affairs…….

photo of four persons uniting hands
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My blackness is not something I can lend to you to try on so you can see how it feels. I don’t look for racism where it doesn’t exist.

My friends span every shade under the sun. But when racism is jammed in my face by those supposedly running this country, I will not be silenced. I will not stand idly by. I will constantly, consistently, and vehemently call out the racist, fascist, authoritarian bullshit some of you seem to think is “harmless payback” for 8 years of a black President.
So don’t ever try to tell me that you think I am overreacting to the racist psycho in the white house.
And again, you have problems with what I post, feel free to delete my black ass from your feed, your friend’s list, and your life.

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