Revolution is not on your schedule.

So now, people are saying we the people SHOULD NOT harass our corrupt politicians when we see them in public.
The same motherfuckers who live above the law, get free healthcare, and make millions from lobbyists and speeches to their super pacs and “social groups” after they leave their lifetime of “service”.
We should let them eat quietly, and escape to their high priced condos so they can continue to avoid the reality of life in America.
Really? Fuck that.
Revolution and protest are not possible with informal meetings and strongly worded letters. It amazes me the people who think that a protest needs to be scheduled to accommodate work schedules, sleep, or your commute to work.
I am sure the colonists would still be colonists if they kept “requesting” the British government to fuck off during the revolutionary war.
Some of ya’ll people tickle me with that fantasy.

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