Keep your Day Job!

I’m posting this as sort of a side note since we have so much time on our hands. I give many presentations at colleges and small groups about making a living in the entertainment industry. As for myself I learned a hard lesson back in 1991. I worked for one of the top video production companies in Ohio, and then an economic crisis took place. Many video production companies and cable companies in the Columbus area went out of business, and some larger companies bought them out. I was affected by the shutdown and lost my awesome video production job. I was faced with trying to find another way to supplement my income. I eventually did and it taught me a lesson. While many of us love being in the film and entertainment industry, we always have to face the fact that it is a very volatile industry. The decisions made in the entertainment industry are always made by people who make arbitrary decisions or decisions based on factors outside of their control.

People who work in other Industries have what you might call job security, although many of those jobs are not as glamorous and fulfilling as those in film and entertainment. As I always say to my students and listeners at my speeches, make sure you have a side gig. Do not put your full trust and hope in making it in the film and entertainment industry because those kinds of success stories are few and far between. It is really a major hustle to find clients or projects to work on every day of your life in this industry.

Some people are successful at it.

As you can see in times like these, it is very difficult to continue to produce film and entertainment material and make money off of it. People who finance this industry, are scared, saving their money, and not investing in projects. So as a wise man once said, no matter what kind of Superstar you think you are in this industry, don’t quit your day job. Just a small piece of advice for someone who got burned when his thinking went along those lines. This business is hard enough without a major crisis, and it is always gut wrenching when you have to rethink your plan at an inopportune time.

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