The Political Politics of Politicians

I have tried to stay out of political posts on this page but let me say this: I like people who speak their minds, and as a New Yorker, I understand shooting your mouth off without fear of consequences. That’s what New Yorkers do. I get a good laugh at a lot of what Mister Trump says. I also enjoyed when he got the Republican candidates all pissed off, and fighting him like kids a school yard. Most entertaining thing I have seen on t.v. in years.

But here’s the deal Mister Trump: when you tell your supporters to punch people who oppose you, what do you expect to happen at your rallies? No matter how “wrong” an “agitator” may be, do you not understand your part in the conflict? You keep sticking your finger in your enemy’s eye and daring him to strike back, guess what happens? You reap what you sow. You want to make America better? Fine, then work on that and stop all the divisive speech making and “baiting”. Sometimes you get more with honey than you do with vinegar. Oh, and the social game playing with what constitutes a racial hate group was a complete joke. I like the idea of a non politician taking on big government. I don’t like the idea of stepping on the heads of everyone in sight to do it.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures and declares “You’re fired!” at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015. REUTERS/Dominick Reuter TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

One last item: I have not supported President Obama’s policies in his second term, but I have always been irritated by people claiming he was “playing the race card”. Mister Obama is bi racial, so I am not sure how that works.

But to date, we have heard Mister Trump clearly mention certain “ethnic populations” who needed to be “dealt with”.

I have heard few media types putting that “RACE BAITING” claim on Donald Trump.

Am I missing something here?

Again, this is why am an independent.

This is all show, while the oil speculators and bakers are slowly increasing the costs to you, the public caught up in this freak show.

Get back to the REAL problems in your country:


Black lives matter-really?

Thank you Facebook for suspending my account for 24 hours. Considering yesterday was the 16th anniversary of my father’s death, you should be additionally proud of being especially inconsiderate and inflexible in whom you consider “offensive”.
The reason you banned me from Facebook pretty much sums up the sad state of political correctness and “knee jerk” reaction that has ruined our society. There was a black and white photograph of Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan that was supposedly controversial because it showed two black men embracing. On a Facebook news page. This supposedly innocuous picture was all of the sudden “controversial” because some ignorant people decided black men embracing was “gay” or otherwise unmanly. This thread went on for some time, when I decided to jump in and pretty much lay out how ignorant some black “men” were for posting homophobic bullshit and in general being N%$$$gers.
I explained that in my family, male cousins, brothers, etc. often exchange hugs, kisses on the cheek and so forth to empress love and family bonds. For some reason, in the black male community today, many young black men think being “hard and gangster” is what defines being a black man. Sorry, that’s not me. I am a human first, and if these dumb nig#‪#‎ers‬ I took to task on Facebook gets me banned, so be it. Being a homophobe, a racist or just plain asshole doesn’t work in my world. I have friends of all shapes, sizes, colors and sexual orientations and I see them all as humans first.

mjordanrcoogler (1)
Further, I pointed out to these misguided black men that Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas used to exchange a kiss before games against each other. No one ever saw this as other than two cousins express their love and respect for each other. Here’s the deal: instead of blocking me from stating what I feel is a realistic, even handed, sympathetic approach to the issue, why don’t you ban those dumb negroes who were implying Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler were gay lovers. As far as I know, each man is a heterosexual male with no problems or doubts about their own virility or manhood. But in fact, what difference should it make? Further, why in the hell would any sensible black person try to tear down all the good that Jordan and Coogler have done in the film world which gives so few big time roles of films to black men? I mean, is this really how we treat people who open doors for us? Well, guess I need only look at how black folk treated Sammy Davis Jr. to get that answer.

WOW. Negroes please. Are we going there again?

Further, I’d suggest THAT SOME OF these ignorant black men look at what the sagging pants “STATEMENT” OF THEIR NEW GENERATION says about their own “macho” attitudes. Showing your ass (literally and figuratively) is no way to show respect for those who paved the way for you. A hypocrite is a hypocrite, and I called out hypocrites. Facebook, do your fucking job and get the bad guys. The good guys are tired of explaining to you what truth looks like.
And by the way, I am tired of explaining to ignorant black men that some of us black men are tired of being seen as ni$$$ers and want to be seen as black men who care about each other, instead of being portrayed as thugs with no heart and no conscience. I am also tired of being silenced by a multi billion dollar company that seems to consistently get it wrong.
And, on this 16th year and one day since my father left me, I would hope he would be proud that his son had the guts to call out the hate black men seem to have each other, and try to at least make it somewhat right.
Black lives matter? Yeah, apparently not to some black people.




no shorts


PLEASE submit to the short film festival….SHOOTING A SHORT FILM..ACTRESSES NEEDED FOR SHORT FILM…PREMIERE OF OUR SHORT FILM…NEED FUNDS FOR OUR SHORT FILM….the short film channel is SEEKING SHORT FILMS from SHORT FILMMAKERS for their half assed, incomplete, short sighted scripts!





Short films are great training grounds for actors to hone their craft!

Short films are CREATIVE DEATH for producers and directors of film!!!

How many of your IMDB credits have the term “short” applied to them? If it’s more than two, this is your freaking wake up call!

If you’re a producer/director, then your short film career is short of the mark!!

A film maker cannot make a career out of short films..unless you plan to edit them bitches together at some point!

THEN you will have a long, segmented, short film!


When you gonna’ make a movie, dawg?

STOP THE MADNESS; Short films are not the goal of a real filmmaker. They are a training ground!

Stop training! STOP the excuses! Stop the bitching and moaning!

Make your feature or get a hobby!

Or keep playing filmmaker with your hobby called SHORT FILMMAKING!



Uh, hang on..

Obviously, that wasn’t the end of this. Someone was pissed off about this post. Even though, this person was not targeted by this post. In fact, I had no idea this person had gone into producing films, let alone short films. The sensitivity level of people nowadays is extraordinary. To that end, I attempted to explain this one more time. And by the way, if this offends anyone else, I do not give a fuck. trust me, you’ll get over it and live another day…long enough to do more short films….

When I first started in filmmaking, what people now call “Short films” were called spec films. These spec films were produced to get funding for a completed version of the original film idea. George Lucas did a film called THX 1138. It was a student film/short film/spec film. It was amazing and I would never besmirch his effort or talent. But is George Lucas still making short films as his career goal? No. THX 1138 was his springboard to a legendary career as a feature filmmaker. I’m sorry  but short films should not and cannot be compared to full feature length film making in any serious discussion.

Would Beethoven be as famous if composed half symphonies? Is half a record album as relevant or well thought through as a whole album? Would George Lucas have made Star Wars the iconic series it is as a series of short films?

I’m sorry you’re offended, but I feel no shame in stating the truth. I have no issues with short films per se. I do have issues with people who spend their entire careers doing spec films, and calling themselves filmmakers. Of course that’s my opinion, you are entitled to disagree, but do not expect me to feel ashamed because I see the process of filmmaking as more than short stories pretending to be fully developed concepts. I’ll let you in on a secret: I know of no Hollywood production company or distributor who will be able to sell your short film for commercial distribution, NOR WILL ANY HOLLYWOOD STUDIO CONTINUE TO FUND SHORT FILM MAKING. This is after all a business, and short films don’t pay the bills for Showtime, HBO, The Movie Channel or Red Box.

Other people may have different goals, but my goals are to get films seen on an international basis and provide a career that I can use to feed my family and expand my film making goals. If you can do that making short films, bravo. I am simply not so inclined, and I do not see short films populating the shelves of Family Video or Red Box. I know that may not please you, but it’s the reality of the business. And yes, this is a business.

So while you may be offended, I am tired of people insulting me because I am giving them the real view of the world. You don’t like my point of view, great. You’re entitled to your opinion. It will however not change the reality fo the situation. Now, you can get upset at me, or face the reality of the business of making films. Short films are not the way a film maker achieves his or her true success. At some point, you have to suck it up and do what filmmakers do: make REAL feature length films. Just my opinion.

But what do I know, right?

But seriously, please stop wasting time making short films. Please.




We don’t want to see your ass. You ass.

Okay, short and sweet.

ABOUT A WEEK AGO, I posted information on my personal Facebook page about a Mississippi town where they have passed an ordinance to ban sagging.   At least some one has the balls to call it like it is, and stop being so fucking PC about telling the fucking truth.

I was pretty dumbfounded when I found two young men who decided I was an old fart, I didn’t know what I was talking about, and sagging their pants was perfectly fine and protected by the laws of the land. Maybe that’s true, but that’s not what I believe and it’s not what is right by anyone’s standards. Even homeless people have better moral compasses AND ATTIRE than these fools.

Their well thought out rebuttal to my comments is classic new age insanity. They actually think their view points make sense. Our world is lost folks, hate to tell ya. Anyway, for what’s it worth….Alex and John want to straighten me out on the practice of showing one’s ass in public. Literally.

Alex said: Sounds like the early days when people bashed for beards and long hair, how about you old people just grow up, or just stop looking at the dudes ass.

My reply:

Alex , not sure why you feel it is your right to comment on my (Face Book) page, since I don’t know you, nor do I think your opinion adds any value to this discussion. So let this old man school you. Sagging pants represent the ignorance of young black men who do not understand the significance of the incarceration hierarchy and the hidden meanings behind code words and symbols. In other words, (you) assholes (pun intended) want to be respected to for glamorizing thuggery and criminality. Hell, ask one of these dumb bastards why they sag and all they know is, their home boys do it, so they do it. Okay, great. Not a social or political statement by any stretch, but blind allegiance to something most of them have never been through! Most of all, they, nor should they be glorifying it. Sagging pants are not a fad, or a statement–they are dumb ass ignorance (yes, pun fully intended you prick) taken to its highest level. If showing your stank ass in public is how you want to be recognized sir, congratulations. Perhaps it is you who should grow the fuck up. Grown folks have more fucking common sense.

P.S. With the start of winter, I hope you sag even more. Then maybe you can freeze your ass off, and that is something I would love to see. I would laugh endlessly as the doctors tried to thaw out your rotten ass.  Clown.

And then John chimed in. John, by the way had a four part hyphenated last name… uh huh….seems like the same care should have gone into his education as it did his ridiculous moniker.


My reply:

My opinion doesn’t trump freedom, you dumb fuck. This is not about freedom. It’s about uneducated, misguided young punks like you who think whatever you do is just fine. I was young once, and i did some dumb shit bro. But you whack ass Negroes got me beat like a motherfucker. Sagging your pants down so the whole world can see your fucking rear end?

Reality check bro: You are quite simply wrong.

Freedom comes with consequences. And as a black man, this “freedom” (SAGGING OF ONE’S PANTS) exposes all of the negative stereotypes people have about black men. Sagging pants do not equate to beards and long hair. Back in those days those things represented a revolutionary change against the establishment. Hippies protested the war and the materialistic corporate culture. Sagging pants signify just about jack shit. There’s a difference between freedom and being ignorant. You figure it out.



Dear actor: Keep your privates private!

999580_693030584045265_1540806728_nWord of advice to aspiring actors. If you want to get ahead in this business, posting your most personal issues in public can cost you big time. You may have problems, but remember everyone else out there is dealing with major personal shit too. When you expose yourself BY TELLING EVERY INTIMATE DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE, don’t be surprised if at some point it comes back to bite you. Do you know how many people in this business lose work because they can’t seem to keep anything a secret? Do you know why only a select group of people work with me? Because they understand that telling everybody, everything is a sure fire way to get booted from any job requiring discretion, especially film projects! Sometimes you have to keep your mouth shut, keep your head down and do your damn job. Whining and looking for sympathy is a little empty when someone else has bigger issues than you know about, but they choose not to push them in your face. Just keepin’ it real.

Why is William Lee such an a*hole?


It’s been some time since I posted a blog, so please accept my most sincere apologies. My haters will be like “fuck you man!”, so maybe the apology will fall on deaf ears. Anyway, for the past six months yours truly has been very busy doing what filmmakers do: making films.

We completed two features in that time, from script to screen and now on to distribution. Also in that time, we have seen numerous projects start, falter and then disappear into the void. Time and time again people who have worked on my films are amazed that we get films done. Well, it’s simple. Film making has to be about business. Not friendships, not Facebook likes, and not endless fucking trailers of that film you can’t seem to edit together into a coherent piece of cinema.

Which leads me to today’s topic. As many of you know, yours truly was basically blacklisted in the Columbus, Ohio film scene for one reason: I was too opinionated. Yes, word from on high informs me that because I told the truth, no one in this here cow town wants jack shit to do with me. Which is perfectly fine, since I will never shoot any film in Columbus again. Besides, I have a fantastic crew in the Cincinnati area that is done with gossipy Facebook shit and ready to make films.

You know, the thing that filmmakers ought to be doing. instead of getting mad at people who are giving you straight up advice to help your career.

Often during my productions, I mentor upcoming filmmakers on the production process. And the biggest issue I run into is this thing about friends, feelings and making everyone happy. Let me make this plain once and for all: A film producer must learn the art of Ass-holery to the utmost. Now when I say that, I do not mean being a real life jerk with no regard for human life. What I mean is, as a film producer, friendships, feelings, favors and other emotional garbage have to be put aside and replaced with the goal of completing a film that you can be proud of. And selling the damn movie.

Look, I say this because i have made the same foolish mistake. Time and time again, I was overly concerned with making sure all of my friends got big parts, with super cool scenes, and lots of screen time. The result: films than ran way too long, filled with loads of sub par performances, and story lines that went in 10,000 different directions.

This is a mistake I have made far too many times. As an example, a film critic in the UK who watched our film DEMONS RISING, said this:

Unbelievably this film clocks up a total of nearly two hours, and at no point does it feel like it warrants that amount of time. It got so ridiculous that, at one point, I had an out of body experience where I saw myself watching the DVD with a caption underneath me reading “5 weeks later” and I was still watching this movie. It seemed like it was never going to end. When it did seem to get somewhere, new characters would pop up, or old ones with subplots happening in the background would re-emerge. The realisation that things would take more time to tie up was unbelievably frustrating.

Lee has been very ambitious with this film and while that is very commendable, with the budget they were (painfully obviously) on, it was never going to work. By condensing the script, reducing the locations and cutting out half the cast who were really unnecessary (and not particularly great) the film could have been passable as a respectable independent film. But what we have is a mishmash of ideas that do not work together. If he starts making these changes, his work will greatly improve, but right now it’s just a headache.

After three or four of those reviews, you start to get the message. Point is, you can never please everyone, not even your best-est buddy in the world who wants all of her scenes kept in the film so she can show her friends on Facebook how cute she is.

    One thing should dominate your work: the business of selling your film. Here are the facts:

  1. For the most part, as a new filmmaker, no one outside of your crew knows you or your friends. They do not give a shit how good you think your acting is, they want to be entertained.
  2. Most filmmakers end up with more than ten hours of raw footage. So how can you keep in all the scenes of your friends, keep everyone happy, and still make a feature with a running time around 90 minutes? Answer: You can’t unless you become and asshole and cut some of your running buddies out of the picture!
  3. The distributor looking at your film does not care who got mad, quit your film, or who will not speak to you now that you have edited their scenes out. You shouldn’t care either.
  4. The completion of a film that some distributor will buy is your primary concern. Not feelings, or friendships or not getting your BFF pissed off.

Producing a film is about getting it done, and making a piece of work that will sell. That’s it.

Bottom line is, being a film producer involves sacrifice. Sacrificing time, money,and lots of friends and family who just don’t get it.  You should make it a point to remind them your name is on the line, your reputation is at stake, and their scenes were cut because business demanded it.

Oh, one more thing. if your friend’s acting sucks, be up front and tell them to work harder at their craft! Don’t let feelings and emotions get in the way of business!  It will save them the embarrassment of having someone else tell them. And it might be the difference between you selling your movie to a legitimate distributor, or you printing out copies to sell out of the trunk of your car.

I for one would rather lose friends and sell my film, than have people kissing my ass while I file for unemployment again.

This is business. Nothing personal. It shouldn’t be rocket science.


My opinion will really piss you off. Seriously it will.

Well, if you don’t know by now, many members of the Columbus, Ohio film community will not work with me, because I am straightforward about the local film business. If that’s what you want to call it. Not like I care, because I will not shoot a film in this city again, but I thought I’d comment on it since the subject was raised recently by a few actors from other locales.

So many people in this city treat it like a hobby, then they want to jump all over social media calling themselves directors or producers. Look guys! We produced 3 minutes of art! Tell Spielberg we’re coming for his job!

Uh, not so fast Cecil B. Demille Jr.! It’s a bit more complicated than that.

Short films and 48 hour film projects are great ways for actors to get practice in their craft. No issue there. But when I see all of these so called “producer and directors” doing nothing but shorts and 48 hour film projects, I be like :

“When you gonna’ make a real movie, homes?”

You mean, you directed that 3 minutes of art all by yourself? Huh. So, why didn’t you finish bruh?

For the record, I totally despise short film film festivals, the short film channel, short film Oscar awards, and basically anything that is an uncompleted idea that could not be carried to fruition because the producer-director lacked the courage, skill, foresight or ability to complete that vision.

(Money is also an issue, but lack of money should never keep you from working on that feature and getting it done. There are too many ways to do it more cheaply and efficiently than ever with this new technology. See these people shooting features with Iphones? Good God, where were you in 1974 Iphone? More on that in a minute.)

One of my actors told me any time my name is brought up at a local film club meeting, he is told people will not work with me because I am “Opinionated”. Oh really? here’s an opinion:

“I don’t give a fuck!”

The film biz is a hard world people, everyone has opinions. Got to wonder why mine are so reviled? Hmmm. Could it be they reveal an ugly truth everyone wants to ignore?

If you’re into film making to “have fun” and hang out with friends, don’t call it “Feature film making” and don’t call yourself a producer or director. Call IT LIKE IT IS:

“Chicks, dudes and peeps hanging out on a weekend with beer, snacks, a camera, and a half way good idea.”

If you are in this business to be a real filmmaker, make a REAL FEATURE FILM, and stop getting pissed because I put your ass on blast. No, not everyone gets a best director award for doing a half assed job on a half assed IDEA.

Now, how’s that for an opinion?

Back in the 70’s, when I was a teenager just getting into the business, I made my first feature about 2 months into this filmmaker thing. That as with Super 8 movie film, and a film camera, a film projector, a movioloa, splicing tape, a microphone and nothing much more. I edited in my basement late at night, and when my movioloa went down, I had to hold the strips of film up to a table lamp and cut the film with a pair of freaking scissors!


What kills me, and this really gets my blood boiling, are some of the so called “short filmmakers” can’t do a feature with HD technology, After effects and Final cut pro! What! Maybe instead of getting mad at my realness, maybe you short filmmakers should try something else since you ain’t figuring out this feature film thing too well

Now wait. You got keys to the porsche and you keep wrecking that bitch! WTF? maybe more driving lessons would help?

(Sorry to be all metaphorical and shit, but I’m trying to make a point here….)

I never criticize anyone just to be an asshole. But you gotta’ remember: I was born in New York, and you don’t lose your “New York” straight talk to suit other people’s needs and perceptions. I’d rather have you hate me because I told you the real deal, then to think I like you because I kissed your ass.

It seems we have a p.c., kiss ass, phony baloney society that is dead set against telling people the reality of their situation. If it’s about the film world, I have seen it all and done it all. So when I tell you something related to this business, and you don’t like it, you have my best wishes. But I will also have no sympathy when you fail at what you are trying to do,because you did things that I have seen lead to failure for 40 years.

Bottom line is, I will not lie to you. When I tell you what you don’t want to hear, it’s not to destroy your self esteem or make myself out to be better than you. Hey, I have fucked up a million times. But I learned from all the fucking up, and I have tried really hard to eliinate the fucking up of things, film wise at least.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you ask me, the truth is the best place to begin.


If most of my haters in this town cared to listen to me without getting all freaking offended, then might be able to save themselves the trouble of being a half story telling, perpetual short film making, always hanging out on the weekend, some-timey film producer dude.

That doesn’t look good on a resume, and IMDB doesn’t have that category listed.

Just my opinion.

Everyone has an excuse. What’s yours?

A few months back, we had an actress complaining that she really had a problem with driving one hour to our film shoots. never mind I drive 2 hours to get to all of the shoots myself, and many of our actors come from places like Chicago, Philadelphia and California. On CODE BLACK, one of my co stars traveled here from Belfast, Ireland. he even got himself a nice hotel suite, and even gave me money for some much needed weaponry for the film. On Demons Rising, a female co star paid for her trip from and back to Australia. This weekend, one actress is coming from Seattle and the other from Atlanta. All of these people pay their own way to get here. It makes you appreciate great talent and even greater determination. it is something i do not forget. I guess there is something to be said for actors who really want it. And those who talk about it until the time comes for them to do what it takes. Do you have what it takes, or do you just think being an actor is easy?